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Order execution

Yes, we havenot instant order execution. Delays sometimes reach two seconds. It is related to that all your transactions, we need to overlap our partners (liquidity providers), as a rule, it is the banks. The past as you have applied for the opening or closing of the order, we will pass on this request to the partner, and if it confirms the opening of the volume at that price, we are opening deal. For all this and takes time.

If a broker offers you a deal immediately - this is a sign, that transaction never overlap.


In addition,we did not immediate withdrawal. this is due to the fact that we do not keep money in the payment systems. It's not safe. We have all of your money to redirect overlap in different banks and suppliers liquidity. And so, withdrawal of money takes time too. After you have applied for a withdrawal, the same application we submitted to the bank and after the bank will process our application, we will process your. Of course, this does not apply to some small amounts to $ 500., but when a lot of applications for withdrawal and such amounts are short delays.

If the broker immediate conclusion that money is kept on payment systems. It is unsafe and says that the transaction did not overlap.

4 decimal places

We have only 4 decimal places, it's standard world norms. To work with international counteragents, need to adhere to international standards.

If the broker provides the customer 5 decimal places, it creates additional challenges for the customer overlap of transactions (but, of course, only in the case, if the transaction overlap).


Yes, dear friends, weaccrue SWAPS. Without them, no way, because such SWAPS (well, maybe a little less), we accrue our partners. It is not us invented rules.

They, of course, there is no charge, but then they have to pay for your (brokerage) account. If the broker sends you to the floor, it is nowhere from SWAPS not go anywhere.


We do not give any bonuses in the account. In any case, our experience has shown that it is absolutely uneconomical when sending account to the overlap. Many of our customers are "merged" large sums of money, which we no longer will reimburse, so we had to give up bonuses.

If a broker gives you great credit, it might just be a marketing ploy, attract you in company in the hope that you are a beginner and just will merge with a deposit bonus. If you overlap with with bonuses, it is economically disadvantageous.

Account Leverage

That's not all .... Maximum account leverage we have 1:100. More we can not give, because it is the maximum that we provide our partners. But we do not recommend you to leverage even this use because it is a very big risk.

If the broker provides the leverage of 1:200 or 1:500 or more, then, most likely, your transaction will not go to the overlap


We have also not the most low spreads this is our profit. Part of the spread we give to our partners at overlapping. Other we leave to ourselves. Sorry, but we also need something to live.

If you, for example, in the pair EUR/USD give the spread is less than 3 pips, that broker earns not in a spread. On what this broker makes money, think for yourself.

Floating spread

Besides the fact that spread no small, he still floating.This is also the reality of the market. All banks provide only quotations with floating spread. Since it depends on market conditions (volatility, liquidity, etc.).

For us it has always been a mystery, how in this case, some brokers may give fixed spreads ???? Probably they have some special conditions stipulated.

Of course, we are very sorry that we can not give you a spread of 0.3 pips, or immediate order execution (that offered by other companies), but and You must understand that you wish to receive from the broker. If you want to get the illusion of a real trade, then you have no place here. Well, if you still want to work like as really work around the world, then come to us.

The main danger for the trader if the broker does not overlap it, is that you will not pay you earn money. Or simply because bad faith, or because of the insolvency of the broker.

Affiliate program:

Internet broker Ya-Hi gives the opportunity to earn not only trading, but also involvement of new clients for the company within the affiliate program.

Our benefits:

partner's profit is up 70% from earnings of broker

creation of individual promotional products for our partners

fast withdrawal of funds at any time convenient for you and any convenient method

client's profile, where you can see conversion statistics, registrations, renewals and partner's profit

Over the past year, we have not had a single major malfunction in the trading terminal

The most functional trading terminal MT4

We provide the opportunity to earn money on changes in exchange rates, commodities, shares

Самый технологичный на рынке мобильный торговый терминал

The most technologically advanced mobile trading terminal on the market

Over the past three months, we have added 6 new trading instruments

The order processing speed is less than 0.1 s

About us:

  Ya-Hi – the young Internet broker who works at the Forex exchange market. The main office of the company is located on the British Virgin Islands. In a relatively short period of operation, the company has earned the trust of many customers.
  At the beginning of the activities the broker of Ya-Hi used a trade platform of CB UTIP. When the number of customers has increased, the company changed CB UTIP more comfortable and functional trading platform Meta Trader 4, or MT4.
   The main purpose of the broker – welfare of own clients. The company's specialists provide comprehensive support for opening and maintaining the account. The Ya-Hi team constantly works for quality of transactions and the high profit of the traders.


Trading conditions:

Swap-Free accounts 6 account currencies,
including CNY
and GOLD
ECN-accounts 24/7 customer support Free demo account
without restrictions
Market execution
without requotes
trade advisors
and scalping
Low spreads
from 0 points
Cent accounts for the minimum lot 0,01 4 types of tools:
Currencies, Metals,
Indices, Oil
Protection from
Instant / Market
execution quotes for 4 and
5 characters
Instantaneous execution
from 0.1 seconds
Affiliate program
Fixed and floating
floating spreads

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